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As an outdoor lover, you’re missing out on a great opportunity if you haven’t visited Sib Sport in Toronto. Our store offers a vast range of products including inflatable boats, stand-up paddleboards, camping gear, fishing gear, and more. All of these items are priced affordably and feature well-known brands that any outdoor enthusiast will recognize.  

Whether you’re an avid outdoor adventurer or just starting out, Sib Sport is the ultimate destination for all your camping, fishing, and boating needs. We even carry utility and folding trailers to transport your outdoor vehicles. In addition, we have a fantastic collection of fishing and camping clothing, such as hunting suits, boots, LED headlamps, gloves, and much more. And if you’re interested in learning how to paddle board, we offer three sizes of inflatable boats and stand-up paddleboards to choose from. So come to Sib Sport today to get manything you need for boating, fishing, camping, and hunting.  


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All size, 9, 11, 12 feet inflatable boats NOW available

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fiberglass bottom boat just by order, We Ship All Canada

360 fiberglass boat 12 feet with center console

All of the boats and Stand up pedal board have a 5 & 3 years warranty

Boat Features

11 and 12 feet، all 1.2-millimeter thickness you get 5 years warranty and see the bottom of the boat, yes we care for our customers to be safer on the boat. we put special all around and middle bottom the boat by extra and special rubber to protect the boat when you try to get the shore.